Sunday, 15 June 2014


A very special Fathers' Day to a special father, Albert Kwesi Du Dougan. A very strict disciplinarian whose well never runs dry of advice and counsel. One thing I admire most about him is that, he is NOT covetous and will therefore fight with every fiber of his being to take that which rightfully belongs to him. Sometimes it marvels me how he holds his name DOUGAN in high esteem. To this end, he will do everything possible to ensure that whoever bears that name doesn't bring it into disrepute. Yes, that is my father. Celebrate your day to the max!


Saturday, 1 March 2014

How well do you know your fundamental human rights?

Hi lovely people of blog vile, its been such a long time since you heard from me. In fact, a lot has been going on in my lovely country; from the "Tweaaa" pandemic, babies disappearance at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital to the Accra Mall panties crawling saga.

Barely a week ago, I watched with disbelief, two Senior High School leavers and a Student of the University of Ghana who who were alleged to have stolen 'G' string panties from a Mr Price shop at the Accra Mall. The alleged pilferers were made to crawl from the said shop to the entrance of the Mall while excited shoppers cheered and filmed the incident. The video soon went viral on social media attracting criticisms and condemnation by human rights activists all over the country. The ladies upon interrogation, admitted shoplifting, but, were ready to pay for the stolen panties or be handed over to the Police. This, they claim, did not go down well with the Manager of the shop who, instead, made them crawl on their knees, an act the ladies described as traumatizing, inhuman and a violation of their human rights.

After walking away to safety, the ladies sought legal advice and reported the incident to the Police who subsequently picked up the Manager and shop owner for questioning the following day. The Police launched a full flexed investigation into the matter and have indicated that the two will be arraigned before court.  

Today, yours truly decided to put pen to paper, so you could have something to think over.
Your's truly's topic sounds quite weird, but are you really sure you know your rights? I mean, the very fundamental ones?

Does the shoplifters have a genuine cause to seek justice?

Chapter Five of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana basically highlights the Fundamental Human Rights of all citizens of the land. Article 15, Clause (1) states that "The dignity of all persons shall be inviolable" and Clause (2) also states that "No person shall, whether or not he is arrested, restricted or detained, be subjected to:
(a) torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,
Again, Clause (3) clearly states that "A person who has not been convicted of a criminal offense shall not be treated as a convicted person...

Since an accused person can ONLY be proven guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction, the ladies are only accused persons and shouldn't have gone through what they experienced.
Even though a lot of people have suffered similar or even worse fate, sometimes lynching, it takes the knowledge of one's human rights to seek redress or justice.

So, my lovely blogfam, when next your rights is infringed upon, get a copy of the constitution, seek legal advice and justice will be smiling at you.


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Ghana's Premier University Loses First Female Professor of Science

Show me a female professor who is knowledgeable and has science and its entirety at her finger tips, and I will show you Professor Marian Ewurama Addy, the first female Professor of Science from the University of Ghana, Legon and a product of the Pennsylvania State University, USA.

I have known this academician, intellectual and gem since my childhood, when she hosted the 'Brilliant Science & Maths Quiz' on Ghana Television, which was aired every Saturday at 11am. Naive as I was, I kept asking myself "who is this woman at all who exhibits so much brilliance?" In fact she made me went on a date with science but it wasn't for long as I fell for Literature and French later in Secondary school.

The late Professor kicked the bucket in the wee hours of Tuesday 14th January, 2014 at the age of 72 after a short illness. The deceased launched her memoir (Rewards) last year.

Professor Addy has received many awards including:

The Millennium Excellence Award for Educational Development at the turn of the

UNESCO Kalinga Prize for the popularization of science in 1999;

The Africa-America Institute’s Distinguished Alumna for Excellence in 1998;

Marketing Woman of the Year, in 1995, for marketing Science.

Prof. you've indeed served your generation and will be remembered by all.


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Do I have a cause not to appreciate God?

Hello lovely people of my blog vile,

Its been such a long time since you guys heard from me on this platform (blog).

Can someone who loves me offer me 1000 boxes of A4 sheet to do something? In fact, I seriously need them cos since 20th December I've been counting my blessings and naming them one by one and almost every sheet in my room has been covered with God's blessings and am still counting and writing.

Lol!! the year 2013 will forever remain one of the years to be remembered by moi. Guess you are becoming anxious to hear and read more. Well, before the end of the 3rd quarter (September), three of my New Year Resolutions had come to pass to the glory of God. Before I could sit down to plan how I was going to testify about it come December 31st, the stinking sting of death sneaked into my mum's room and kidnapped her on 1st October. The sting of death was  stinking so badly that I couldn't get close to it to redeem my dear mum from its claws. Driving to and fro our hometown for series of funeral meetings was just by the mercies and grace of God.

2013 has also been one of the years that has seen my two angels (Caleb and Teresa) fallen ill. In actual fact, I've not visited the hospital that much in my life as this year which has culminated in a lot of sleepless nights, sometimes staying awake as late as 1am just to ensure that everything is fine with them.

On the eve of my birthday, on the N1 highway, I almost reported to the Police (in fact INTERPOL) of a disappointed armed robber (death) after narrowly escaping it's claws through a near head-on collision. But for the divine intervention of God and the wisdom of (May Morrison), it would have been a different story.

I am counting my blessing
naming them one by one
Am counting my blessings to see what God has done
I am counting my blessings
naming them one by one
and it has surprised me what Lord has done

In the midst of these, I've still not found a reason not to tell God "thank you"....



Wednesday, 20 November 2013

EBENEZER!!! - Down Memory Lane

2 And many were gathered together, so that there was no more room, not even at the door. And he was preaching the word to them. And they came, bringing to him a paralytic carried by four men. And when they could not get near him because of the crowd, they removed the roof above him, and when they had made an opening, they let down the bed on which the paralytic lay. And when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” (Mark 2:2-5)

The only person who can be a hindrance to your progress and success in life is 'YOURSELF'. When often people cast aspersions on others for their fate in life, I only listen with a pint of salt because I have come to realize in life that if only we can be proactive for a while, "...nothing shall by any means stop us".  The four friends of the paralysed man in my opening story had a large crowd and a closed door to contend with, but they found an alternative; to break-open the roof.  I always tell myself that if a door shuts itself at me, I will find my way through a window or any possible opening.

I recently created an album on my facebook page under the name, 'EBENEZER'. Even though a lot of people are familiar with the meaning of this name, it means more than a name to me, myself and I.. Ready to know why "EBENEZER"? well get your reading lenses and come along with me.

A little down memory lane, just about sixteen (16) years ago after secondary school, I decided to pursue a programme in PUBLIC RELATIONS at the Ghana Institute of Journalism because that had been my dream whiles in school. Lol! upon showing the GIJ application form to a VERY CLOSE relative who was to sponsor my education, guess what he told me? "A lot of people have gone through this programme without any meaningful job, PR professionals are not even recognized on the job market now......left to me, forget about this and think of something better..." 

Quietly in my mind I cancelled all these proclamation turning each and every word contained therein aroundWhen I came out of this VERY CLOSE relative's office, I told myself "I will do all things through Christ which strengthens me".  Like the four friends who let down their paralyzed friend through the roof to be healed by Jesus, I decided to find a window or hole through which I could still go through to achieve my dream profession.
...and the story continues that today, I have successfully completed my degree programme in Communication Studies (Strategic Communication/Public Relations option) with a First Class Honours; in a gainful employment with a reputable organization and will continue to live happily ever after. But hey!! the journey has just started cos the Docia you know doesn't understand 'its impossible'.

For your eyes only, lol!!

Graduands with school founder, Kojo Yankah and Deputy Minister
forEducation (Tertiary), Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa

With my boss, Mrs. Esther Apawu-Odai, Assistant Commissioner,
Monitoring & Control, Ghana Revenue Authority

Sisters for life, Pat, Mariam, Milli and moi

The man who begot me, Mr. Albert Dougan

Lol! my hubby (kudos for the encouragement)

My elder and younger sisters, Christie and Jane

My beau family who took care my kids as I went in pursuit
of my degree. Someone is missing from this picture

 (lol! its my mum, she didn't wait to celebrate with me. RIP)

Twin sis.

Moment of joy

Big bros. Dube ee!!

Another big bros.

Time to pop champagne with the sisters

On a sponsored after-graduation treat at the
La Palm Royal Beach

Please visit my facebook page for detailed album.

Love ya!!


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Lawyer's Birthday Gift of Atonement

One of the anniversaries of life that I have grown to cherish is birthday.  The celebration of birthdays differ from person to person especially, with regard to the times and seasons.  Ladies are more particular about this day and will go all out to ensure that the day does not pass them by. Guys on the other hand need to be reminded almost every year about their birthday.

My most memorable birthday was marked with a hot beating from my dad for fighting with my elder sister which also coincided with the onset of my menstrual cycle about some twenty-three years ago. Wonder why I didn't receive a parcel but beating?

What will remain the most memorable birthday in the life of Lawyer Ayikwei Otoo, a member of the legal team of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Election Petition case at the Supreme Court of Ghana will be what was enacted today when he prayed the Presiding Judge to offer as a gift, his birthday as an atonement for the 'sins' of Lawyer Kwadwo Owusu-Afriyie, a.k.a Sir John, the General Secretary of the NPP and Hopeson Adorye, a member of the NPP Communication team who had been summoned by the Supreme Court for their contemptuous utterances on some local radio stations in Accra and Obuasi.

What happened today looked more like the risen Christ standing before the Father (God) and pleading on behalf of a repented soul not to be condemned to eternal damnation.  Like the repented sinner, Sir John stood speechless with his hands behind him whiles his lawyer recounted his 'folly' amidst pleas of mercy.  I wonder Sir John and Hopeson's fate if they didn't have a lawyer.

For those of us who believe in the 2nd coming of Christ and the subsequent judgement day, how sad and pathetic it will be when you appear before the judgement seat without the lawyer (Jesus Christ) to plead your case.
The greatest birthday gift that can set you free from the wrath of the judge is the gift of salvation.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Emelda for the crown - Miss Ghana 2013

"The chick that will grow into a giant cock is noticed immediately it is hatched".  I couldn't hide my excitement when I read on facebook that ma lil gal of yesterday (EMELDA MILLS-PAPPOE) is contesting in this year's MISS GHANA beauty pageant. I have known Emelda since 1999 when I first set foot at the then Circle Branch of Word Miracle Church International, now, Perez Chapel International.  Growing up in the Children's Service, Emelda was very respectful, cool and amiable, such a personality that I always wanted to be associated with. She did her best by coming to church early to tidy up the place and assisted in whichever way her strength could carry her. Her contribution in the Drama Group where I was the patron was very enormous, that the group always had something to put up during Children's Day or Week celebrations.

Emelda was one of the girls of the Children Service that I felt at ease advising and correcting whenever the need arose. Even when we went for camp meetings, my eagle eyes never missed her cos I always wanted to be sure she was okay. I remember one Thursday at camp (2004) around 11:45 mid-night she and her friends - Cheryl Robertson, Dharlene Mensah and Emily Asafo-Agyei decided to drink some beverage and corn flakes to be able to "stand" the wiles of the following day's fasting and prayer, lol my "Tiger eye" caught them. When she entered the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Emelda did not denounce her creator nor trade her faith for the pressures of campus life, but contributed her quota to the Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF).
Many people are of the view that beauty pageants are 'worldly' and should not be entered into by believers, but I believe that the time has come, and the set time is now, for believers to define the world and not the world defining the believer. I strongly believe that Emelda's entry into this pageant is for a purpose, and you lovely people out there can cause that purpose to come to pass. 
I am therefore pleading with you to go all out and vote for Contestant EMELDA, or LIKE her photos on MISS GHANA 2013 page on facebook. Love you all.
Follow her up via

Emelda (right) on stage (year 2000)

Some of my writings

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