Monday, 2 March 2015

Actress Nadia Buari gives birth to twins

Alhaji Sidiku Buari, father of Nadia Buari has confirmed that the actress has given birth to a set of bouncing babies outside the country.

Nadia who has been off the showbiz and entertainment scene for a couple of months now was delivered of twins. However the place and date were not made known. The father of the set of twins was also not disclosed, but it's highly speculated that her boo, Jim Iyke is the proud of father of the twins.

Congrats to her.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Nana Tiaah Darkoa I/ Club Miss Tourism 2011 Covers Tourism in Ghana Magazine

Known in private life as Priscilla Asare, the former Miss Tourism Gh. 2011 was crowned the Mawere Hemaa of Apirede, Akuapem in 2014 under the stool name, Nana Tiaah Darkoa I . Driven by the passion of promoting domestic tourism, the CEO of Konekt Ghana Foundation, a non-profit charitable organisation covers the Tourism in Ghana Magazine which is already circulating in Europe and other parts of the world. If you are in Gh. grab your copy from fuel marts, supermarkets and other bookshops.

That's my queen with a swag. Will soon bring you exclusive pictures of this vibrant queen-mother full of youthful exuberance.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

No one eats football - a rejoinder by Hon. Kojo Yankah

I can't help but share my opinion to buttress the stance by the founder and president of my Alma-mata, Hon. Kojo Yankah, a former Minister of Information and Central Regional Minister in the Rawlings-led NDC administration and a PR guru in the Daily Graphic of Thursday, September 18, pg 20, on the attack of the Gyan brothers on a journalist a few weeks ago.

When the issue went viral on the social media, I spoke my mind, but people won't reason with me. The issues I raised have been reiterated by Hon. Yankah in a rejoinder to an article published by Mr. Boadu-Ayeboafoh, an editor of the Daily Graphic. Of the issues raised by Hon. Yankah, the two that caught my attention were:

1.  "the fundamental point I am making here is that Kenu's question was not relevant to the subject
      of   the press conference, irrespective or whether or not it had been raised in the streets of Kumasi
      or Accra"

2.  "the code of ethics of the profession is clear on how to treat matters of the nature affecting
      Asamoah Gyan". "Article 16 of the GJA Code of Ethics explicitly states: "In case of personal
      grief or distress, journalists should exercise tact and diplomacy in seeking information and

A cross section of the public have yelled at the Gyan brothers that they should have used the opportunity and platform to tell the good people of Ghana exactly what happened that day in order to put all agitations and speculations to rest. But come to think of it, was the press soiree organized to deliberate on the upcoming football match between Ghana and Uganda or to explain or tell Ghanaians what caused the disappearance of ace musician Castro? In the first place, I totally agree with Hon. Kojo Yankah that the supposed "professional"act of journalist, Daniel Kenu was absolutely irrelevant and inappropriate on that platform as far as the psychological state of the Gyan brothers in respect of the disappearance was concerned.  Being the captain of the team, answering that question would have traumatized him the more.

Furthermore, as indicated by Hon. Kojo Yankah, in line with the GJA Code of Ethics, I pray the matter be thrown own of court because Daniel Kenu wasn't guided by Article 16 in asking his "Professional" question. Else, he would have realised that the Gyan brothers were in grief and distressed over the disappearance of their friend. What else could be more tormenting than going out on holiday with a bosom friend and that friend disappearing into thin air without any clue as to the whereabouts of the person. The guilt of being the cause alone is a sure recipe for committing suicide. If Daniel Kenu had put himself in Gyan's shoes, I don't think he would have even thought of asking such question on a platform of that nature.

Even though I condemn the physical attack on the journalist, I believe practitioners in this 4th arm of government should at all times be guided by their code of ethics to save them any unforeseen mishap.

I also take the opportunity to sincerely thank the Ghana Police Service for holding a press conference a few days ago, to brief Ghanaians on the outcome of investigations so far, and the way forward in handling the issue. To the good people of Ghana, I wish to categorically state that, the Gyan brothers owe no one any explanations as the Police Service have called for all inquiries to be channeled to it.


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

TOM GHANA CAMP 2014 - Supporting The '20 Souls' Project

‘‘And whosoever shall give to …one of these little ones
…shall in no wise lose his reward.” (Matt. 10:42)

Giving to support children's work in the Lord's vine yard is something rare these days. Many individuals and corporate bodies are quick to invest in entertainment and other programmes deemed fit to enable them recoup moneys invested. One major area that is so fertile for investment is the teens ministry. Even in the house of God, this ministry receives little or no attention as many parent churches are quick to sponsor programmes of Women, Men, Children and other popular ministries. The teen age is a period of life's development; psychological, emotional, educational, spiritual and physical. A period when character is established whether virtue or vice. The complexities of the teen age cannot be overemphasized.  

Over the years, Teenagers Outreach Ministries Inc. Ghana Chapter has had it tough raising funds to subsidize one of its major outreach programme of ministering to teenagers during its annual vacation camp meeting. This year, I launched a campaign dubbed '20 Souls', in my bid to raise funds to support some teenagers in my neighbourhood and elsewhere in Accra to attend this life transforming event. My major strategy was to raise the funds online through my social media contacts. Quickly I created the event page on Facebook and shared it on the pages of a couple of friends. Immediately, some started responding with a few others hoping to assist next year. I was so marveled at the response rate because the timeline was short, however, names like Hon. Kojo Yankah, founder of the African University College of Communications and former Minister of Information, Naana Dansoa (Gifty Anti) of GDA Concepts Ltd. producers of The StandPoint, Eben Dougan, Cynthia Commodore, Carmie Jean Sahnoon, Eugenia Manful of Ghana Revenue Authority Mercy Doughan, Alfred Alwaysblessd Doxa Akrong, Davidson Akrong, Vida Dekpeh, Jeffrey Dee, Jane Yawson, Christene Kotey (ADB, Cedi House), Mercy (UBA Bank, Heritage Tower) cannot go unmentioned because they really enabled my campaign come to pass. 

Any life that was touched through your donation is a Kingdom investment you have made and your account in Heaven has been credited awaiting a withdrawal from you or your generations yet unborn. Being the blogger that I am, I can't let go this generous act of yours without telling the whole world via my online journal, DOCIA'S NEST. And like Oliver Twist, I hope I am always welcome for more.

Thank you, y3 da mo ase, wo nda ny3 shi, moóngoode ku, Naawuni ndiem yi suhuru, mi da akpe nawo, ane da'ani ase, y3 da moáse, y3 da hom ase, merci boucoup.



Teens going through registration

Time for praise n worship

Aerobics time

Smiling for breakfast

Ready for my presentation on Social Media

Colourful traditional night

'Nana Camboo' on stage

Our kids were not left out

Time for evangelism

The man looks busy but the teens won't stop
Mr. Prince Norbert Dakey, a resource person presenting an e-reader (Kindle) to one of the teens who won a quiz contest

My little girl, the winner, moi and Mr. Dakey

Kekeli, Teresa n Yayra

Some of the galant teachers after the programme

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Organized Labour in Ghana protests dwindling economy nationwide

A nationwide protest is currently underway in Ghana by Organized Labour to unleash their frustrations at government's seemingly unconcerned and lackadaisical attitude towards the gross hardship the country is facing. Living conditions have grown from bad to worse since the beginning of the year with no sign of a possible solution in sight.

The one-day civil unrest is going on simultaneously in all ten (10) regions in the country, involving the formal and informal sector, the transport sector and market women. The rather fast pace at which the country's currency, the cedi (¢) is falling is appalling, resulting in the current hardship. Fuel prices, electricity and water tariffs have increased astronomically as government's policies on addressing these issues seem not to proffer any way out.

Am yet to join though.


Sunday, 15 June 2014


A very special Fathers' Day to a special father, Albert Kwesi Du Dougan. A very strict disciplinarian whose well never runs dry of advice and counsel. One thing I admire most about him is that, he is NOT covetous and will therefore fight with every fiber of his being to take that which rightfully belongs to him. Sometimes it marvels me how he holds his name DOUGAN in high esteem. To this end, he will do everything possible to ensure that whoever bears that name doesn't bring it into disrepute. Yes, that is my father. Celebrate your day to the max!


Saturday, 1 March 2014

How well do you know your fundamental human rights?

Hi lovely people of blog vile, its been such a long time since you heard from me. In fact, a lot has been going on in my lovely country; from the "Tweaaa" pandemic, babies disappearance at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital to the Accra Mall panties crawling saga.

Barely a week ago, I watched with disbelief, two Senior High School leavers and a Student of the University of Ghana who who were alleged to have stolen 'G' string panties from a Mr Price shop at the Accra Mall. The alleged pilferers were made to crawl from the said shop to the entrance of the Mall while excited shoppers cheered and filmed the incident. The video soon went viral on social media attracting criticisms and condemnation by human rights activists all over the country. The ladies upon interrogation, admitted shoplifting, but, were ready to pay for the stolen panties or be handed over to the Police. This, they claim, did not go down well with the Manager of the shop who, instead, made them crawl on their knees, an act the ladies described as traumatizing, inhuman and a violation of their human rights.

After walking away to safety, the ladies sought legal advice and reported the incident to the Police who subsequently picked up the Manager and shop owner for questioning the following day. The Police launched a full flexed investigation into the matter and have indicated that the two will be arraigned before court.  

Today, yours truly decided to put pen to paper, so you could have something to think over.
Your's truly's topic sounds quite weird, but are you really sure you know your rights? I mean, the very fundamental ones?

Does the shoplifters have a genuine cause to seek justice?

Chapter Five of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana basically highlights the Fundamental Human Rights of all citizens of the land. Article 15, Clause (1) states that "The dignity of all persons shall be inviolable" and Clause (2) also states that "No person shall, whether or not he is arrested, restricted or detained, be subjected to:
(a) torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,
Again, Clause (3) clearly states that "A person who has not been convicted of a criminal offense shall not be treated as a convicted person...

Since an accused person can ONLY be proven guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction, the ladies are only accused persons and shouldn't have gone through what they experienced.
Even though a lot of people have suffered similar or even worse fate, sometimes lynching, it takes the knowledge of one's human rights to seek redress or justice.

So, my lovely blogfam, when next your rights is infringed upon, get a copy of the constitution, seek legal advice and justice will be smiling at you.


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Ghana's Premier University Loses First Female Professor of Science

Show me a female professor who is knowledgeable and has science and its entirety at her finger tips, and I will show you Professor Marian Ewurama Addy, the first female Professor of Science from the University of Ghana, Legon and a product of the Pennsylvania State University, USA.

I have known this academician, intellectual and gem since my childhood, when she hosted the 'Brilliant Science & Maths Quiz' on Ghana Television, which was aired every Saturday at 11am. Naive as I was, I kept asking myself "who is this woman at all who exhibits so much brilliance?" In fact she made me went on a date with science but it wasn't for long as I fell for Literature and French later in Secondary school.

The late Professor kicked the bucket in the wee hours of Tuesday 14th January, 2014 at the age of 72 after a short illness. The deceased launched her memoir (Rewards) last year.

Professor Addy has received many awards including:

The Millennium Excellence Award for Educational Development at the turn of the

UNESCO Kalinga Prize for the popularization of science in 1999;

The Africa-America Institute’s Distinguished Alumna for Excellence in 1998;

Marketing Woman of the Year, in 1995, for marketing Science.

Prof. you've indeed served your generation and will be remembered by all.


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Do I have a cause not to appreciate God?

Hello lovely people of my blog vile,

Its been such a long time since you guys heard from me on this platform (blog).

Can someone who loves me offer me 1000 boxes of A4 sheet to do something? In fact, I seriously need them cos since 20th December I've been counting my blessings and naming them one by one and almost every sheet in my room has been covered with God's blessings and am still counting and writing.

Lol!! the year 2013 will forever remain one of the years to be remembered by moi. Guess you are becoming anxious to hear and read more. Well, before the end of the 3rd quarter (September), three of my New Year Resolutions had come to pass to the glory of God. Before I could sit down to plan how I was going to testify about it come December 31st, the stinking sting of death sneaked into my mum's room and kidnapped her on 1st October. The sting of death was  stinking so badly that I couldn't get close to it to redeem my dear mum from its claws. Driving to and fro our hometown for series of funeral meetings was just by the mercies and grace of God.

2013 has also been one of the years that has seen my two angels (Caleb and Teresa) fallen ill. In actual fact, I've not visited the hospital that much in my life as this year which has culminated in a lot of sleepless nights, sometimes staying awake as late as 1am just to ensure that everything is fine with them.

On the eve of my birthday, on the N1 highway, I almost reported to the Police (in fact INTERPOL) of a disappointed armed robber (death) after narrowly escaping it's claws through a near head-on collision. But for the divine intervention of God and the wisdom of (May Morrison), it would have been a different story.

I am counting my blessing
naming them one by one
Am counting my blessings to see what God has done
I am counting my blessings
naming them one by one
and it has surprised me what Lord has done

In the midst of these, I've still not found a reason not to tell God "thank you"....



Some of my writings

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